Ken Vetter – Drums, Vocals

The heartbeat of every band is the drums. When the drums are spot on, the fans feel it and move with the beat. That’s what veteran rocker Ken Vetter brings to the groupKen Vetter as someone who’s played drums his entire life. Not only does he keep the beat you all feel but he’s also the brain child behind the group itself. Many hours and days have been spent in his “beat lab” polishing the songs to present to the public.

Per Ken, “I’ve loved playing the music of Boston my entire life, so paying tribute to one of my favorite bands is awesome – a lot of work, but definitely worth it!”

Ken’s a New York native who grew up playing air drums to Boston while in the car, his parents bought him a drum set shortly thereafter mostly so he would stop singing… All kidding aside, Ken not only keeps the beat but brings some vocal work to round out that massive “Boston” sound.

Ken’s resume includes projects with other musicians in the DFW area Counterfeit Radio, donating time and effort to children’s causes in the area, playing corporate events and being a down-to-earth, easily approachable family guy.